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Thanwi: Expressive Guidance on Delving into Qur’anic Eloquence

4 months ago

Maulana Ashraf ‘Ali Thanwi[1] Translated by Waqar Akbar Cheema On June 18,...

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Taqra’ or Tuqri’: Are Seven Ahruf not predicated on the Prophetic instruction?

August 1, 2022

Waqar Akbar Cheema Abstract Some revisionists twist a narration of the sab‘a...

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Prophet and Ahruf

Seven Ahruf Hadith: On Suggestions against Centrality of the Prophetic Precedent

March 25, 2022

Waqar Akbar Cheema Abstract Whereas the bulk of hadith reports on seven...

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Ahruf Prophet Central

Seven Ahruf Scheme and the Centrality of the Prophetic Precedent

September 21, 2021

Waqar Akbar Cheema Abstract This paper shows how the Prophetic precedent comes...

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Sab'a Ahruf

Sab‘a Ahruf Hadith: Sab‘a Indeed Means Seven

August 9, 2021

Waqar Akbar Cheema Abstract  One of the differences in the interpretation of...

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Philosophy of Islam


Islam- A System of Life or an Apolitical Set of Beliefs, Rituals and Morals?

December 9, 2014

Waqar Akbar Cheema Abstract Many of the confusions about Islam persist for...

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Difference between Muslim and Western Conceptions of Religion

April 26, 2014

Ghulam Haider Aasi “[Classical Muslim] scholars did not see world religions as...

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Book Reviews


“Answer to Modernism” by Ashraf Ali Thanwi

August 15, 2015
[dropcap][/dropcap]The book is actually a translation of Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi’s well...

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Muslim History


The Prophet: Life and Actions