List Of Articles


Qur’an Preservation and Compilation

  1. Qur’an Preservation Efforts During the Prophet’s Lifetime
  2. Sab‘a Ahruf Hadith: Sab‘a Indeed Means Seven
  3. Seven Ahruf Scheme and the Centrality of the Prophetic Precedent
  4. Seven Ahruf Hadith: On Suggestions against Centrality of the Prophetic Precedent
  5. Taqra’ or Tuqri’: Are Seven Ahruf not predicated on the Prophetic instruction?
  6. Seven Ahruf: Review of Contemporary English Explanations
  7. No. of Surahs in the Mushaf of Ibn Masud
  8. No. of Surahs in Ubayy’s Mushaf
  9. Meaning of Ibn ‘Umar’s statement, “Much of the Qur’an is Gone”
  10. Reality of the ‘Missing’ Qur’anic Verse on Suckling
  11. Muslim Studies on Qur’anic Manuscripts

Qur’an: Alleged Problems and Queries

  1. Refuting Missionaries on Qur’an and Kings in Isra’il before Moses
  2. Qur’an says ‘Ask People of the Book’: What and Why?
  3. Correction or Consolation? Qur’an 4:95 and Exemption for the Blind Man
  4. “Slave for Slave, Woman for Woman”: Qur’an 2:178 Explained
  5. Qur’an on the knowledge of unborn child’s sex and rain forecast
  6. Alleged Qur’an Inconsistency: Can I call her mother?
  7. Does the Qur’an say Torah was given for the Egyptians?
  8. Qur’an’s Prophecy about the Jews and the Followers of Christ
  9. Allah Does Not Repent: Examining the use of word ‘taaba’ for Allah
  10. If and how does Allah misguide people?

Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ): Life and Actions

  1. Orientalist Approach towards the Prophet’s Biography
  2. Prohibiting ‘Ali from a Legal Marriage: Alleged Inconsistency of the Prophet
  3. Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) and the devil named al-Abyad
  4. Fact Check: The Prophet (ﷺ) and Talisman

The Prophet’s (ﷺ) Married Life

  1. Basic Facts on the Prophet’s Marriages
  2. Prophet’s Marital Life: Unconsummated Marriages, Unmaterialized Proposals
  3. Granted or Not Yet? Solving Anachronism in Abu Sufyan’s Marriage Proposal for the Prophet [NEW]
  4. Marriage Related Privileges of the Prophet: A Study in Chronology
  5. Aspects of Wisdom in Prophet Muhammad’s Multiple Marriages
  6. The Age Of Khadija At The Time Of Her Marriage With The Prophet
  7. The Prophet’s conduct with his wife Sawdah: The issue of divorce
  8. Prophet Muhammad’s Marriage with Nine-Year Old Aisha: A Review of Contentions
  9. Muhammad Asad on Aisha’s Marriage with the Prophet
  10. Mistake or Mischief? Dedering and a report on the Prophet’s marriage with ‘Aisha
  11. Background To Prophet’s Marriage With Zainab
  12. Two Issues Around Prophet Muhammad’s Marriage With Safiyya
  13. Truth about Jauniyya, the woman who sought refuge from the Prophet (ﷺ)
  14. Maria, The Copt: Prophet Muhammad’s Wife Or Concubine?
  15. The If, When, and Why of Prophet’s Visits to All His Wives in a Single Night

Hadith : General Issues

  1. Authority of Hadith in the Light of Qur’an
  2. Authority of Hadith and Incident of Pollination of Palm-Trees
  3. The Problem of Enormous Numbers of Hadith
  4. Hanafis and Preference between Hadith and Qiyas
  5. Where is Sahih Bukhari’s Original Copy?
  6. Al-Jami’ of Ma’mar bin Rashid: Extinct or Extant?
  7. Al-Bukhari, his “Sahih”, and the Hanafis

Hadith: Discussions on Specific Reports

  1. The Hadith of the Fly: Muslim Perspectives on Scientific Assessment [NEW]
  2. Meanings and Significance of a Hadith about Creation on Weekdays
  3. Explained: Hadith about Last Hour in a Boy’s Lifetime
  4. On the question of Adult Breastfeeding in Islamic Tradition
  5. The Critique of Criticism: Analysis of Ibn Khaldun’s Objections to the Narrations about al-Mahdi
  6. Aishah’s statement “Your Lord hastens in fulfilling your desires” explained
  7. Are children born out of wedlock condemned in hadith?
  8. Does Hadith condemn the infant girls buried alive?
  9. On Meaning Of The Hadith “There Is No Contagious Disease”
  10. Hadith and Protection of Makkah and Madina from Plague
  11. [Explained] Hadith: The Two Months of ‘Id are Never Deficient
  12. Discussion on ‘Amr bin Maimun’s Narration about Stoning of Monkeys
  13. Hadith on Prophet Sulayman Visiting Multiple Wives in a Single Night
  14. Explaining the hadith ‘the abdomen of your brother has lied’
  15. Explained: Hadith about eating in one or seven intestines
  16. Abu Bakr’s Befitting Response to a Pagan or an Insult to Another’s Religion?
  17. Telling Someone to Bite Their Father’s Genitals: Explicit Phrase or Misunderstood Expression?
  18. Did Aishah Doubt Prophet Muhammad’s Prophethood?
  19. Understanding “Satan urinates in the ear” hadith
  20. Hadith: “He whose two days are equal, is a loser”
  21. A False Hadith: The Prophet Kissed the Genitals of His Little Grandson
  22. Unverified Story of Uwais Al-Qarni Breaking his Teeth
  23. Authentic or otherwise? Biting Words of ‘Umar’s Wife
  24. On Hind bt. ‘Utbah Chewing Hamza’s Liver

About Narrators of Hadith

  1. Abu Hanifa’s opinion of ‘Ikrimah
  2. Is ‘Ikrimah alone in narrating the hadith “Whoever changes his religion, kill him”?

Women and Islam

  1. Women in Islam: Are they subservient to men?
  2. Creation from a crooked rib: Does Islam deride women?
  3. Should women go out and work like men? An Islamic Perspective
  4. ‘Aqiqah: Why the Difference Between Boys and Girls?
  5. Does Islam Allow Wife-Beating? The Traditional Understanding of Qur’an 4:34
  6. Domestic Violence: Critique of some modern opinions on Quran 4:34
  7. Hadith and the Idea of Women Majority in Hell
  8. Are the women called devils in hadith?

Islamic Jurisprudence

  1. A Concise Study of Difference of Opinions in Islam
  2. Ijtihad: Concept and Queries
  3. Maqasid ash-Shari‘ah Theory: Between Use & Misuse
  4. Q&As about Minorities and Slaves in Islamic Law
  5. Malik’s Principle on the Practice of People of Madina Explained
  6. Hanafi Jurists and the Punishment of Non-Muslim Blasphemers
  7. Misreading or Ijtihad: Origins of the Later Hanafi Opinion on Blasphemy

Islamic History

  1. 6 Phases of the Islamic Scientific Tradition
  2. Ottomans and the Printing Press: Answering Misconceptions
  3. Myth and Reality of the Ottoman Harem
  4. Muhammad b. Qasim and the true story of “damsels in distress”
  5. Jalaluddin Khwarazm: A Visionary Leader | An Intrepid Warrior
  6. The State of the Education System in the Muslim World

Answering to Antagonists

  1. Scholars on the Meanings of Khatam an-Nabiyyin
  2. Ghamidi, Muwatta, and the Return of ‘Eisa
  3. Answering Revisionists: Can a Muslim Woman Marry a Jew or a Christian?
  4. Opposition to Rajm (Stoning): Analysis and Refutation

Islam: General Concepts and Queries

  1. Islam- A System of Life or an Apolitical Set of Beliefs, Rituals and Morals?
  2. What is Islam? Is it only about acts of worship?
  3. An Outline Of Orientalist Aberrations About Islam
  4. Difference between Muslim and Western Conceptions of Religion
  5. Why people fail to do away with religious doubts?
  6. Islam’s Attitude towards Expression of Sorrow at the Loss of Loved Ones
  7. Pleasures in the Islamic Paradise: Spiritual or Sensual?
  8. Why Islam discourages images of animate beings?
  9. Traditionalism- A Nostalgia for the Past?
  10. Why the Devil is called Iblis?


  • Is there an article on how to refute people who call Hajj pagan? That we stole the practice from pagans and now we practice a pagan ritual? 7 tawaf for 7 pagan deities or whatnot

    • Assalamo alaikum
      We have not written a separate article on this as yet. However, the pagans too cited Abrahamic precedent for Hajj. Qur’an also confirms the connection. Thus Hajj was practice of believers from the time of Ibrahim (AS). That Pagans also followed it albeit in a mutated form does not question the Abrahamic origins of it. Islam not only continued the old practice of believers but also purged it from pagan rituals and innovations made in the intervening centuries. I am not sure what is the 7 pagan dieties link here. Ka’ba around which the Tawaf is made had scores of idols and not 7. The connection is baseless even if in some odd reference one may see significance of 7 of the scores of dieties/idols there.
      I hope this helps.